a body of water with buildings and trees around it
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An abundance of unspoiled beauty awaits you

Activities in Parga

a beach with a few boats

An abundance of unspoiled beauty awaits you

In addition to the beautiful beaches close to our hotel, the Ionian Islands have stunning beaches and picturesque villages you can visit. You can explore them on your own, using one of the ships connecting them to the port of Parga, or through full-day boat trips. Paxos is one of the accessible destinations, with the lovely harbour of Gaios and the famous Voutoumi Beach. Also within close reach are Corfu and Lefkada, with their rare beauties.

a beach with trees and a body of water

Unique experiences in nature's embrace

We look forward to assisting you and guiding you through the activities that will make your stay unforgettable. We can provide information and arrangements if you're interested in sports like mountain hiking, rafting, horseback riding along the banks of the Acheron River, or diving in our beautiful waters. In addition to sports activities, visiting the old olive press is fascinating. It operates as a museum, offering olive oil tastings, cooking classes, and other exciting activities for gastronomy enthusiasts. We can't wait to serve you and ensure you have a memorable experience during your stay. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us.