a table with food and drinks by a pool
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a plate of food
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Bar & Restaurant

Unique flavors by the pool

a table with food and drinks on it

Breakfast Buffet

Commence your day with a lavish breakfast beside our central pool, whether at a table or sunbed, for an exceptional experience. Our breakfast menu boasts international gastronomic choices, encompassing a variety from coffee and juices to cereals, cold cuts, and eggs, as well as local jams, honey sourced from nearby producers, and the famed traditional pies of the region.

Served daily from 08:00 to 10:30 in the morning, it promises to infuse you with flavours and energy, setting the stage for exploring the acclaimed attractions in the vicinity.

a table with food and drinks by a pool


Enjoy your midday meal in comfort by the pool, where you can select from a diverse array of salads, pasta dishes, the best-selling club sandwich, the timeless classic burger, and other daily specials. All our dishes are crafted using the finest ingredients, offering an ideal option for those who desire high-quality flavours without the inconvenience of travelling outside our grounds.

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All day Pool Bar

Savour coffees, refreshing juices, tasty dishes, or treat yourself to an ice-cold beer with delightful snacks while lounging by the pool at our pool bar, open from morning until midnight. As the sun sets, our pool bar becomes the perfect nighttime destination for enjoying your preferred drinks and cocktails, accompanied by soothing lounge music. We regularly host themed evenings filled with music, dance, and ample entertainment.

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All day Parga Bar

Parga Bar, our exclusive all-day bar in the enchanting town of Parga, shares the same ownership and philosophy as Dracos Hotel. It harmoniously combines the comfort of a laid-back atmosphere with stunning views of the Ionian Sea. Whether it's the beginning or the conclusion of your exploration in the harbour, Parga Bar awaits, presenting fine drinks, cocktails, delightful snacks, and a carefully crafted musical ambience.