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Amenities & Services

A complete hospitality experience at your disposal

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Main & Kid's Pool

The main pool at Dracos Hotel, spanning 80 sq.m., takes centre stage in the heart of the complex, serving as the energetic focal point throughout the day, with all paths converging towards its inviting waters.

Beginning with breakfast served in its proximity, guests can unwind on its comfortable sun loungers, providing comfort and ease that competes with the nearby renowned beaches. Our all-day pool bar and restaurant create a seamless experience within the same space. Furthermore, a children's pool is adjacent to the main pool, ensuring safety and amusement for our younger visitors.

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Adult-Only Pool

Radiating an intimate atmosphere, our second pool, situated in the second building of the complex, is discreetly nestled alongside the green hillside. Accessible exclusively to adults and youths aged 15 and above, it offers a tranquil retreat for a private and relaxing experience.

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Fitness & Yoga Center

Coming Soon...

Stay active and centred during your stay at Dracos Hotel with our state-of-the-art indoor-outdoor gym and yoga centre. Whether you prefer cardio workouts on our treadmills and spinning bikes, strength training with weights, or the serenity of yoga in the midst of nature surrounded by ancient olive trees, we've got you covered. Your well-being is our priority, and we provide the perfect facilities to maintain your fitness routine and find tranquillity.

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Adorned with marble from Morocco, India, and Greece, our reception is more than just the gateway to the hospitality galaxy of Dracos Hotel-it's a practical hub for all your questions and inquiries. Our dedicated staff can assist you from early morning until midnight, with a security guard present on-site afterwards.

(08:00 to 00:00)

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Waiting Area / Business Corner

Featuring a stately living room atmosphere and contemporary facilities, our dedicated space near the reception encompasses a dining table and a plush sofa. It allows guests to charge their electronic devices while working undisturbed, should they choose to do so.

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Free Parking

You'll find our complimentary outdoor parking at the hotel entrance, provided to our guests based on availability. This saves our visitors from the time-consuming quest for parking in the lively city and ensures convenience, especially during the bustling summer months. With the heart of Parga just a brief 10-minute stroll away, it's a hassle-free choice for our guests.

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Late Check-out

Dracos Hotel offers an exclusive service that allows you to enjoy the pool area even after checking out, right up until your departure to the airport or port. Furthermore, you have the option to use our specialized changing rooms for a quick change and shower before you leave.

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Transfer to/from the aiport or port

We are delighted to arrange your transportation to and from Aktio Airport, the port of Igoumenitsa, or any other area of interest. Alternatively, we can organize transportation to and from the port of Parga, providing comfort and convenience through our specialized partners. This service is available upon request and comes with an additional charge. Please contact us for further details and reservations.