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Parga is situated on the north-west side of Epirus, located amphitheatre at the base of a mountain. The local area is dotted with beaches, winding roads with panoramic views of the sea and small chapels which all make the visitor feel like they are to a small island.

The town of Parga and the surrounding Ionian sea is blessed by the island of Panagia and Venetian castle. This picturesque scene has inspired painters, musicians and poetries alike.

Not only the location but also the local people make Parga so unique, evidence by greek hospitality.

One visit is not enough!!!

Parga has been dominated by Norman, Venetian, English and French influences due to its strategic position and its commercial activity.

The first castle was built by the Normans to protect the people and fortify the town. During the Venetian period, Parga flourished and the castle was fortified. During the same period, the surrounding area was planted with olive trees and local people started to cultivate the olive trees and produce olive oil.

This period ended with the occupant by the Ottamans. Local people escaped to the Ionian islands and especially to Corfu, to evade capture. They were unable tp return for almost one hundred years. These events are commemorated on the island of Panagia on 15th of August.