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Nekromanteion: InAncient Greece, Nekromanteion or the Oracle of the dead was a holy place which was visited by people all over Greece. Through the Oracle people communicated with the souls of their ancestors.

Acheron River: No visit to Epirus is completed until you have swum in Acheron River. Its name is derived from the Greek word "achos" which means sadness. It was believed that river Acheron was the pathway from which Hermes was delivering the souls of the death to Charon.

In spite of its history, Acheron river attracts visitors it's beauty, it's nature and the crystal, clera waters. The Acheron River is protected by the environmental programme, Natura 2000, as a unique ecosystem.

Paxos and Antipaxos: Visit the picturesque islands of the Ionian Sea with the daily shuttles from the harbor of Parga. Swim on the beach of Voutoumi and in the Blue Caves with its exotic beauty. At the end, take a walk in the capital of Paxos, Gaios